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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose NeonChamp for Indoor LED Signs?

  Tradition Neon Neon Champ Other's
Electricity 3,000-18,000 Volts 12 Volts 12 Volts
Lifetime 15,000 Hrs 50,000 + Hrs 30,000 + Hrs
Environment Coal – 7500 lb per Year Coal – 450 lb per year Coal- 550 IB per year
Colors Limited Unlimited 12 color 9
Material Glass Tubes PVC / Silicon tube PVC
Durability Breaks Easily Indoor Indoor
Back drop No Yes ( Clear / White / Black & U V printed ) Clear
Safety Toxic Chemicals Touchable Non-flammable Non-flammable
Lead Time 3 – 7 Weeks 1 – 3 Weeks 3- 5 weeks

Technical Specification:

Height ( Small / Medium / Large & Giant ) Between (3”) - (8”)
Depth Character 4mm, Clear Acrylic backing 6mm ( Optional – milky white Acrylic / Black ) Perspex® Acrylic Optional
Length Depending on script design
Neon Width 6mm / 12 mm standard
Engine Colored Neon LED
Power Average 5W - 10W per character depending on neon size
Voltage 12V UL listed power adapter
Material Silicon / PVC
Viewing Angle 160 degrees
Lifespan 50,000+ Hrs

General FAQs

What makes NeonChamp LED neon light signs the best?

We design LED neon light signs made with kid-safe LED neon tubes and are both economically and environmentally friendly! Our LED neon lights are not only affordable, low maintenance, durable, safe, easy-to-install, lightweight, and affordable, but also affordable, durable, and you get complete control of the switch!

Is NeonChamp an American Company?

Yes, NeonChamp is an American company providing LED neon lights globally. We cater to international markets too!

Is there a warranty on my neon sign?

All new signs from NeonChamp come with a manufacturing warranty that protects your signs from all possible damages. In addition, it comes with a 3 Year warranty on all electrical components. There are options for replacement based on the source of the damage.

Do you provide free samples of custom neon products?

Yes, we offer mock designs of neon products that resemble the near-to-realistic custom neon products over email. These free samples give an idea to select the best design for your neon sign and get it designed accordingly.

What material do you use in your Custom Neon signs?

LED flex mounted on high-quality acrylic is used to manufacture neon signs. LED flex is made up of SMD, cased in the PVC or silicone tubing, and powered by Ul / CE certified adapters.

Which service levels do you offer?

We offer dedicated customer services that assist you with all LED neon signs. Our team keeps a strong follow-up with all customers, from creating designs to the reliable delivery of your product. It is readily available for any query or issue resolution.

Designing your LED Neon FAQs

What color can I choose?

You can choose from the comprehensive color range options for designing your LED neon signs. There are 12 color options, out of which eight turn white when they’re turned off, and the remaining 10 have a color on the LED tubes that makes them colorful even when turned off.

What font can I choose?

You can choose from more than 36 font options, including double-lined, block, and cursive fonts. You can further have your font type designed by our team to match your character or writing style.

Will I get design proof?

Once you create your design and reach the “add to the cart” button, our design maker prepares a design proof with all the order details and price. After having a clear look at the design proof, you can go for ordering it or the changes before processing the payment and placing your order.

Is it possible for you to construct a sign that I cannot create using your custom tool?

All you need to do is contact us to create your customized neon signs that are not possible to create using our design maker. Instead, you can take the help of our in-house design toll to get the best color, text, and font options. Also, it is possible to get a sign that can’t be created using our custom tools.

Do you offer a free design service?

Our LED neon sign design tool lets you create a sign in 2D for free. It helps the customers get a design idea but helps make necessary changes before ordering it. A free design service allows you to get an exact idea of the custom neon sign and then order it according to your requirements.

About LED Neon FAQs

How does LED neon differ from traditional glass neon?

Custom LED neons are better than traditional glass neons because the standard glass neon has design limitations. You can make custom LED neon lights with your chosen design, making creativity endless.

  • Durability: The conventional glass neon is made up of fragile and breakable materials. LED Neon is made up of high-quality and flame-retarded PVCs that are flexible. Hence, LED neon is highly durable compared to traditional glass neon.
  • Sustainable home décor: LED neon signs remain cool to touch as they use less voltage and are safe for home use. The traditional glass neon turns hot and may explode. Therefore, they are not sustainable and safe for use at home.
  • Easy maintenance: LED neon signs are maintenance free while the traditional glass neon requires dedicated maintenance by trained glass neon professionals.
  • Exceptional brightness: The traditional glass neon sign produces 197 Lm/m while the LED neon signs make 210 Lm/m brightness.
  • Great lifespan: The traditional glass neon signs can work for 10,000 hours, while the LED neon signs can work up to 50,000 hours.
  • No interferences: The traditional glass neon signs create interferences with the infrared signals, while LED neon signs don’t cause any interference at your place.
  • Lightweight: LED neon signs don’t contain glass but are acrylic and PVC, making them lightweight. Hence, these signs are highly portable compared to the traditional glass neon signs that are bulky.
  • Quick installation: There is no need to have a specialized installation for the LED neon signs, while the traditional glass neon is heavy and requires precise installation by an expert only. Thus, LED neon signs can be installed quickly compared to traditional glass neon.
  • Energy-efficient: LED neon signs use low power and an input voltage of 24V/120V, while the traditional glass neon uses 3KV-18KV. Hence, LED neon signs consume less energy.
  • Highly affordable: The traditional glass neon is costly to purchase and repair. LED neon signs are cheaper and can easily replace the light tubes. Therefore, they are more affordable than glass neon signs.

Does LED Neon Flex have a lower environmental impact?

LED neon flex are energy efficient, have lower voltage input, and don't cause a sharp rise in your monthly electricity bills. These signs have outstanding durability and operate noise-free. They are environmentally friendly in every aspect and are made without harmful chemicals.

Product FAQs

What type of LED neon lights do you have? Do they have batteries or plug-ins?

LED neon lights come with a 4.9 feet transparent cord that easily plugs into a US-certified AC adapter if you are ordering from the US. You can choose different adapter options based on your location from our design tool before checking out your cart.

What is the best way to hang/wall mount a neon light?

It is easy to hang or wall mount your neon lights. These lights come with pre-drilled holes on the acrylic backboards. All you need is our wall mounting or sign mounting kit along with fishing wire, rope, and a heavy-duty removable hook.

What are the backboard options?

Various acrylic backboards are available for mounting neon signs. You can go for the rectangular cutout or contoured acrylic backing according to the design and font of your neon signs.

Does my LED neon light need a remote & dimmer?

Yes, at NeonChamp you get remote and dimmer for your LED neon lights. These easy-to-use remote and dimmer allows you to have full control and offers various brightness options like ON, OFF, and multiple party modes.

If I want only a partial neon sign, is that possible?

You can get a sign that is partially neon. In addition, we offer UV printing that combines the benefits of UV and neon LED lights.

Sign Up and Login FAQ

How do I create an account on NeonChamp?

It is easy to create an account on NeonChamp by filling in your basic details on the official website and registering with your details.

How do I log in on NeonChamp?

To log in to your NeonChamp account, enter your email ID and password credentials.

Is an email address required to create an account on NeonChamp?

You have to provide a working email to create an account on NeonChamp. All the details and order updates are provided in your email directly.


Shipping FAQs

What are the shipping costs?

International deliveries are available, and your country determines shipping rates. These charges are added at checkout and can be calculated for respective areas.

How do I check the status of my order?

Logging into your account details allows you to check the status of your order efficiently. You can then go to my orders option and track the status of the respective order.

Does NeonChamp have a Return Policy?

Yes, we offer a return policy and refund on faulty products. We offer all services to fix, replace, and refund the product. The final resolution of the return policy depends on a case-to-case basis.

For standard order, why is the turnaround time 3-5 weeks*?

All the custom neon signs are handmade and take a minimum of three weeks to a maximum of five weeks for turnaround times. We also offer rush orders that can be delivered within two to three weeks only. There are refund options in case of no delivery, even after three weeks of your LED neon sign delivery.

How can I get my order delivered faster?

You can get your order delivered quickly by opting for the rush delivery options. This option allows you to have your order delivered within two to three weeks without waiting extra for your LED neon lights.

Terms and Conditions

You can view the Terms and Conditions here.

Payments FAQs

How can I pay for my order at NeonChamp?

Once you’ve prepared your design, you can checkout and complete the payment by selecting any available options. There are multiple options in payment through online and cards- the popular are PayPal and credit cards.

So you can pay for the LED neon signs order safely and quickly, irrespective of your location. Furthermore, the security considerations of the website protect your payment details.

What are your payment and billing T&C's?

You may pay by PayPal or credit card, and there are many other payment options. Furthermore, the orders through the NeonChamp official website come with safe payment options.

Also, all these payments are collected at the point of sale only. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the payment while ordering customized LED neon signs.

We offer dedicated billing on all orders. Once you place an order on NeonChamp, you’ll get an invoice in an email that confirms the order. You can pay an invoice and keep it with you for further communication.

Returns FAQs

What is NeonChamp’s return procedure?

We have a hassle-free return procedure. All you need to do is click the photo and video of the faulty product and share all details with us in an email. We process all the information once we receive it.

On accepting the return, you’ve to return the faulty product in the original packing condition. You must return the defective product within 14 days of its delivery. After that, you can expect a full or partial refund according to the decision of the team or can get a replacement at the earliest.

Hence, returns may attract replacement or refund based on the decision made by our team.

What is your returns policy?

Only faulty products are eligible for return. You may also get a refund- full or partial depending on the case of the delivery. The final decision on the returns depends on a case-to-case basis only.

Cancellations and Modifications FAQs

What is NeonChamp's Cancellation Policy?

Once orders of LED neon lights are placed, you may not be able to cancel them at any point. Order cancellations are only permitted up until a certain point. Our cancellation policy offers full or partial refunds in exceptional cases, and you must cancel your order at the right step only.

How do I cancel the order?

It is easy to cancel your order before proceeding with the checkout only. All LED neon signs are handmade, and once orders are placed can’t be withdrawn in any case. Thus, it is ideal to go through the cancellation policy before preparing to cancel your order.

Can I modify the shipping address after the order is placed?

Until the LED neon signs are shipped, you can change the shipping address. Hence, it is vital to track your order before altering the shipping address that may cause issues in the quick and safe delivery of the product. In addition, depending on the new shipping address, you may also incur extra shipping fees.